Marketing emails to secondary email addresses

You should be able to send marketing emails to the secondary email address field.  We market primarily to couples who each have their own email address but are really one customer.  As it stands now, you can only send marketing emails like newsletters to one address so the spouse does not receive it.

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Agreed. I understand in the B2B world, its not common for one user to have multiple email addresses but in the B2C world, this is very common. Making the improvement to allow email sends to a secondary email would be an added benefit when attracting new B2C customers.


Currently, our site allows their confirmation email to be sent to an alternate email address (other than their account email). This is causing a disconnect in customer activity and automatically opting in users who didn't opt in to marketing emails (illegal with GDPR & CASL).


Current process:
  1. New contact is created in HubSpot with the alternate email address
  2. Email is sent to the alternate email address
  3. User is automatically opted in and their activity is in seperate contact records
This is the proposed process from HubSpot:
  1. New contact is created in HubSpot with the alternate email address
  2. Email is sent to the alternate email address
  3. User is automatically opted in and their activity is in seperate contact records
  4. Fairly quickly after the email is sent, use the merge API to merge the 2 contact records
This solution is clunky and not intuitive. Here would be the ideal process:
  1. Alternate email is added as a secondary email to the current contact record
  2. Email is sent to the secondary email address
In this case, we don't need to worry about opting someone in/out, merging data or doing unnecessary steps.
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Definitely would like to see this feature added!


There are two scenarios that are apparent for us:

1. One contact may have opted into marketing emails with more than one email address and want to receive the same communications for both.

2. A contact may want to receive marketing emails to a different email address (e.g. a personal email) than the one that we would normally use to contact that person on a day to day basis (e.g. a business email). We would therefore like to flag this as a secondary email but still be able to contact them.

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This would be a really great feature for a company that sends emails to C-Suite business people and then add their PA as the secondary email so that the PA also gets the email that was sent to their boss 

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We also have clients who want their PA's to receive the same communication but we don't want to set up a seperate account for the PA. So being able to send to secondary emails would be HUGELY helpful!!


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Our clients have several email addresses that need to receive the same newsletters/updates. It'd be really helpful to be able to send the marketing emails to the secondary emails as well as the primary. Right now we need to have multiple duplicated contacts, one of each email. This adds a lot of duplicated contacts to our CRM.


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Upvoting this. Would be a helpful feature!

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It is absolutely essential for our business.


We market to dentists and in many cases they work at 2-3 other surgery's.  They will then have a different email for each practice.  It makes no sense for use to then have the same contact listed 3 times for the reasons:


1.   We have to manage the contact in 3 different locations

2.   By adding an additional 2 contacts for the same person, it then create a larger database and costs us more money

3.   When using the duplicate tool, this person will continuely come up and again makes it more difficult to manage the contact.

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We have a customer who needs to have this feature as we need to use the secondary email for their marketing communications.

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This would be hugely beneficial to us as well working with a lot of teachers who want purchase or booking related emails to go to their school address and cpd emails to go to their personal address

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This would be a great feature to add. We handle marketing for schools and in many cases we need to email two parents, which are on one contact record. It's annoying to have to create separate records for each parent.