Marketing email dashboards to be pushed out automatically

Hi Team, I worked with a customer and I realize it would be quite a good use case here to suggest. Currently on Marketing > Emails we are able to export analytics from the email dashbaord e.g. click maps, email opens and clicks manually but not automatically.

For example, if a portal has active workflows and which marketing emails are pushed out (as email campaigns), there will be email open rates and click rates for that specific email in the email dashboard (that's linked to that workflow). It will be nice if we can create automated emails of these data (i.e. internal emails but specifically on how the email performances are) and send it to internal stakeholders.

This can help automation and track how the marketing emails are performing in an automated process and stakeholders are able to know how the campaigns are doing. I am aware that an implementation of this might be slightly hard as the workflow is active, but I was wondering if there can be a filter e.g. set to push out these data once a month, is possible Smiley Happy.

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HubSpot Product Team
HubSpot Product Team
updated to: Not Currently Planned

Thanks for your feedback @claw! Updating this status to "Not Currently Planned" but for a good reason. We're currently working on rebuilding the email reporting so that it can work with the standard reporting dashboards and existing analytics tools which will make it possible to save these reports to a dashboard and then set up the dashboard as a recurring email (as outlined here). Once this is complete, what you've outlined should be possible through the normal reporting infrastructure.


We're not 100% sure exactly when this will be done, there's a few teams involved, but as this new app is complete we'll be letting all customers know. Thanks!