Marketing & Sales Reports (with Pictures!)

Fellow HubSpotters, I've been trying to think of one report that rules them all. One report for Marketing and one for Sales, to quickly figure out how we are doing. I interviewed my Sales VP and Sales Manager then started jotting down notes and thinking about how to put this together both from an importance, calculations, and design aspect. I came up with the following draft for Marketing:


Marketing Performance Overview.JPG


 The bar chart shows the average days the Contacts spent in each Lifecycle Stage. You can compare to previous date ranges and you can also filter by individual Account Manager or show the entire team. The calculations are as follows:


Conversion Rate: Total # of Opportunities / Total # of (Leads + MQLs + SQLs

Average Days to Convert: How many days passed from Contact Create Date to when Lifecycle Stage = Opportunity


Moving on to Sales:Sales Performance Overview.JPG


Same concept here with the bar chart, it just looks at Deal Stages rather than Lifecycle Stages. The calculations of the data above the chart are as follows:


Close Rate: # of Closed Won / Total # of Deals

Average Days to Close: How many days passed from Deal Create Date to Deal Closed Won/Lost


Both of these reports would cut down so much time and at a glance show how we are doing with leads and what is going on with the Contacts as they move from Stages. Not to mention the handoff from Marketing to Sales Team and what happens thereafter.


Please upvote! HubSpot Developers/Designers, please make this available ASAP! Any other suggestions more than welcome!