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Marketing Events Beta: Needed Features

We've been waiting for Marketing Events as custom objects in HubSpot for a while! However they still aren't particularly useful and I was encouraged by support to post my feedback here on some much needed feaures. We host hundreds of events a year and would get a lot of use out of this feature if these changes were implemented.



Need to be able to trigger workflows off of Marketing Event properties, like date. Also need to be able to pull in Marketing Event properties, like date and time.

Use case examples:

  • We want to send out a text message reminder the day before an event and two hours before the event to everyone who has registered for it.
  • We would also like to create a custom workflow to assign a custom Event Type to the Marketing Event based on the title. This would enable us to pull reports based on Event Type. IE if Event Name contains 'Bootcamp' then set 'Event Type' to 'VA Home Loan Bootcamp'.



Support to pull in the Eventbrite or Zoom link onto the Marketing Event record if Eventbrite or Zoom integrations are active. It already pulls in the events from these integrations, not sure why it doesn't pull in the links.

Use case example:

  • We want to be able to send out a text message reminder the day before an event with a link to the specific Eventbrite event or Zoom call link. 
  • We want to be able to send out an email reminder the day before an event that populates the event info and Eventbrite event/Zoom call links.

Ability to set custom registration status manually.

Use case example:

  • We want to be able to go in and manually change the registration/attendance status of someone who registered for an Eventbrite or Zoom event.

Ability to create custom properties.

Use case example:

  • We need to have a dropdown for custom event types so we can do reporting/trigger workflows/etc.


Record Functionality

Support to link a Marketing Event to a Contact record in the same way that a Deal or company would be linked to a Contact Record.

Use case example:

  • We need to be able to pull a cross-object report of everyone who attended a specific event. IE: show every Contact record who has a Marketing Event attached to their Contact record that has a date of '8/16/2021', Event Type of 'VA Home Loan Bootcamp', and registration status of 'Attended'.
  • Would like to be able to go to a Marketing Event and click on a link to view everyone attached to that event, like you would for Forms and the Form Submissions.


These are just some initial thoughts we had on the features that the Marketing Events are lacking. As they are right now we aren't really able to use them for tracking events but we would love to in the future!

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All greate suggestions to try and fix up this rather stunted feature [see my other please to implement this in the same form and with the same features as a Custom object]. 


A simple addition here - how about the ability to use CMS to show a list of upcoming events on a web page using HubL as a calendar. Especially important as physical events start to gather momentum again.


Hi team,

Raising this on behalf of a customer -- it'll be great if we could set up lead scoring based on the custom object status of a specified marketing event. For instance, if one has a list of 30 contacts that attended a speaking session, we could add 5 points in lead score to their point total for an event in the past 6 months.

Hope this gets implemented as it'll be of great value to Hubspot users of marketing tools

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I especially would like to use Marketing Events as workflow triggers, but these are all great ideas from @cadyrsmith  

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I agree with these. Would like to be able to especially click into a marketing event and see all registrants and then quickly check them in. 


Agree with all of these ideas. I'd also love not to have to integrate with Zoom, Eventbrite, et. al. but rather manage all of my Marketing Event details in Hubspot itself, i.e. edit Start date, End date, Source, and registration and attendee counts. 


I totally agree here. It is very much need to be able to do reporting on multiple levels rather than just at the contact level

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Bumping this. It's been a while without updates. Very keen to actually be able to use this functionality properly, especially triggering workflows.


Any update on this? I would really love to use marketing event properties to trigger workflows!


I'm giving this a bump as well - as  I am currently working with a customer who would benefit from being able to use marketing events as an enrollment trigger in a WF. 

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@JWarren7 Although you can't use it as a workflow trigger yet, I noticed that you can now use marketing events as a list criteria. You can then use the list membership as enrollment criteria for the workflows.


Screenshot 2022-07-06 at 18.35.26.png


@JMogardI have no idea how I missed that! Thanks a ton for the help here.