Marketing Emails to appear in Company Record



At the moment marketing emails DO NOT appear in the Company Record.


Strangely, all sales emails DO appear in the Company Record.




  • All marketing emails to appear in the company record.
  • An additional filter be added so that these can be shown/hidden.


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Was just baout the post the same thing. We use the marketing email functionality to do retention and key account management emails as well to groups of customers so seeing their engagement with these at a company level would be really useful to help profile our key customers


I'd really like to see this implemented.


Our Marketing team have quite a few campaigns running to help pre-board prospects on our product but our Sales team operates largely on the Company/Deal level. Giving them the visibility on the communications sent in the Company record will really help them to understand the prospects quickly and efficiently tailor their pitch.

Extra clicks for each contact for a single company is not ideal.


Is strange that I can view all emails sent through workflows on the company profile on salesforce but not on Hubspot? Why isn't that data being pulled over? It is annoying and clunky we have to switrch to salesforce or go through all contacts of a company to see if there has been other contacts from other departments

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Upvoting this! I've had several clients ask if this is possible as they have several contacts associated with a company and seeing all emails at the company level will save time!

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Hi team - I agree that this feature makes sense, especially for marketing emails that are transactional in nature. This avoids extra clicks for teams, as well as helps to keep all associated data streamlined! Thanks 🙂


+1 - same goes for form fills!


Yes, this feature would be a HUGE benefit for our team as we are a membership-based organization that needs to track engagement with each company.


This idea was submitted in 2017, anyt updates? If 1-1 emails are shown on the company record, then WHY don´t marketing emails show up on the company record, even to this date?


We have customers working for associations and sports clubs. We handle the members as contacts from the company and the association contact with a special role on the contact. Because these contact roles change very often, it's necessary to have the time line of the associaten/company as complete as possible. For that reason please add this feature. It's very important for state of the art marketing activites. Thank you in advance. 


Upvoting this - it seems essential to have marketing email details in the company record (but also deal record?) to help especially with our products which has free trial automated emails etc. and helps with sales team to see where clients are at in their journey, how they are engaging with the content etc.  


Upvoting this, could be so useful ! Why is it possible to show sales email but not marketing email ! Any update with this idea ? 


+++ This dev would be great for our business ! So much time saved !


Hear, hear!


Yes! Upvoting this request that was made in early 2017 in mid-2021! We need to know when looking at a company (and ideally a deal, too) whether certain communications were sent and what "smart" components were included, without having to click through dozens of contacts looking for it, or having to hunt down the recipient list in an entirely different section of Hubspot. Pretty please prioritize this!