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For all content options that allow you to organize with folders, it would be extremely helpful to be able to create folders within folders for better organization leading to less duplicates and efficiency when looking for content already created my a teammate. 


September 2021 HubSpot Update Hi everyone! Thank you for your enthusiasm for this idea over the past few years. We're glad you're excited about getting folders in different areas of HubSpot's product and we're working on making that a reality. As the original idea mentions a few different product areas managed by different product teams, we're breaking this idea into different ideas to ensure we can provide helpful updates as they're available.


Going forward, please use the following ideas for upvotes and comments around different folder requests.

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Sales Tools


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Sub-Folders within Workflow and Sequences would be helpful.


Doesn't have to be 'folders within folders' neccessarily, but I/my company would love a better filing & system of organisation for templates! 

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@AndresBustos are you serious?


All your folder and lists are USELESS without this column


We need like yesterday as moving one item to a folder takes many clicks and waits for HubSpot to refresh. 


I absolutely agree Nicolas! 

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@AndresBustos - Sequences, documents, templates


Great to see this has been implemented in lists, however further expansion across other features would be very beneficial.

I'm a regional sales coordinator and looking to bring 4-5 countries onto our platform, all with different emails and workflows associated with each of our 8 steps in our sales process... I'm shuddering at the organisational mess I'm going to be dealing with with labels like "India | Email 2.1 for WF 2.3" with no subfolder organisation. Likewise with workflows, where I can have either a country-labelled folder or a step labelled folder but no organisation beyond that. 

HubSpot Product Team

Hi Everyone,


I'm Jess, a Product Manager in the Automations group. We are currently rolling out folders within folders AND custom views for Workflows! All Workflows customers should see the new features available in their portals by 6/15!  Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions or feedback. 

Thank you!