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Marketing Emails — Folders Within Folders

It would be extremely helpful to be able to create folders within folders for better organization leading to less duplicates and efficiency.

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Folder-within-folder functionality appears to be availble for marketing email folders as long as you navigate to each folder level during folder creation -- please see image.

Email Marketing folders within foldersEmail Marketing folders within folders


I agree that when putting folders within folders, it would be easier to find the ones that are related and they should be grouped together for better organization in order to find them right off instead of having to locate all the ones that you need for instances, your emails for marketing. 


It would also be great to do spreadsheets in a similar way so that you could have all your credits and debits in order for the year to do your taxes at the end of the year. As long as you keep up with it each month, you would be ready to file taxes the first day of the tax year instead of hunting for everything and end of filing at the last minute due to having to locate all your documents. That is if you were able to find them all. They have a tendency to get lost from the when not kept together. 


You can add emails to folders but you can't view the folder name as a column like you can in lists. How am I supposed to know what I've filed and what I haven't?