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Marketing Email Tracking on Company Pages

I am a BD manager at a recruiting firm. We have put a lot of time and effort into creating a beautiful fee agreement template on the Marketing platform to send to our clients.


Although we deal with individuals, our real clients are companies, and as such Companies are the most important pages for us, as we deal with multiple people at each client company.


Unfortunately, when we send a fee agreement email through the Marketing platform, this is logged on the Contact's page, but not on the associated company's page. This is very inconvenient as the Company page makes so much sense for us. Now we have to go to our Company page and click through associated contacts until we find the person that received the fee agreement.


Additionally, it creates confusion because non-Marketing emails to Contacts will be logged on their Company's page, leading people to mistakingly believe that a Company has not been sent a fee agreement when really they have.


I think that users should at least have the option of logging marketing emails to the associated Company, in such an otherwise customizable CRM. I believe this will add BD value to many B2B companies by making it easier to track company wide communications in one place, without having to worry about checking individual contacts.

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I've just been speaking to HubSpot about this very issue. We're a software development house and our clients are companies first and foremost. We liaise with different contacts at these companies and send marketing emails to the individuals associated with specific deals. It would be fantastic if these marketing emails were logged in company records.

We also call our customers regularly to discuss software renewals and it's always useful to have a snapsnot of the company, which of my colleagues was in touch last, who has received marketing emails and who hasn't opened them (particularly if they include software update notifications!)


Thanks for the reply Simon! I bet a lot of other users will run into this issue as well, if they haven't already.


Hopefully HubSpot hears us and gets this fixed soon


Hi Will,


I agree with you, we are also running into a similar issue and this would be a big help for us.


I hope that this issue will get flagged by hubspot and an update implimented soon.





Hi Ciaran!


Thanks for the input!


Attention HubSpot development: Please look into this!!!


We need to do a similar thing with deal based workflows


If i am sending an email from a deal based workflow i would expect that email to appear on the deal. It does not it just appears on the contact


This needs to be possible!


Thanks for the kudos Michael! Totally!!! This is simple and should be a no-brainer!


Agree, this would solve a lot of our issues with deal based workflows.


There are too many steps to have to go into the contact record to find the email, we can also have contacts associated with multiple deals so only being able to see an email was sent on the contact record is not helpful, it needs to be deal-specific.

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Would love to see marketing emails sent to contacts on the DEAL records!



Very much needed for us as well! Thank you!


Hello Hubspot team?!? Anyone paying attention? Look at all of your clients who also want this! Please figure this out and make a solution. Not that complicated!

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Writing here to second the utility of marketing emails sent via workflows being reflected in the deal records too!

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Seeing marketing emails on the deals record would be a real benefit