Marketing Email Reply Logging

Please allow automatic logging of replies to marketing emails. 


I am sending an auto-responder (from my personal email address which is connected with Hubspot) when someone fills in our form. I would like their replies to show up in Hubspot as normal email activity.


This feature is important for business/market development work. 

The goal is to make the workflow more efficient - I now have to manually search in my email inbox if that person has replied. 



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Absolutely would love this. We occasionally send out broadcasts from reps and would really like to be able to attribute and be able to report on the replies that each rep receives. 

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This is important with emails sent from workflows too. If the contact replies to an email and is engaging directly with a sales rep, we want the workflow to stop sending to them. 

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PLEASE make this a thing! It should be a given since my emails are logged and tracked but for some reason, replies in Gmail to marketing emails sent from my email address don't get logged. 

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Very much in favour of a solution like this!!!

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This is such an essential feature for marketing. 

There are so many cases of marketing/sales cannibalism that can be easily avoided by knowing when a prospect has replied to an email.

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It's very important for us to change pipeline status when a contact reply to an email. Marketing must help sales department. Thanks

HubSpot Product Team

Hey @tpgoebel ,


Thank you for your message. This is something we are curently reviewing and have heard other customers ask for. Can you let me know a bit more about what you are referring to by "normal email activity"? Do you mean surfacing the reply in the contact record or conversations inbox?







Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team

Hi, all - just following up on what Shane said. We are currently evaluating this functionality. It would be best for us to consolidate communication under this idea:


If folks could move over to there that would be much appreciated!

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This seems like a pretty basic element of 360-degree marketing: all of your contacts' information in a single place 🙂

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This would be a huge help. Especially since forms can only be submitted for automation via workflows, if someone responds, they should be take off the flow.

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Very much in favour of this solution. We want our sales rep to just be in Hubspot not going back and through Gmail to track the replies for the email sent from automation.