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Marketing Contact Filtering and Bounced Contacts

We're having an issue with filtering contacts when assigning Marketing Contact and Non-Marketing Contact statuses. I can filter for "Email hard bounce reason" or "Number of bounces" but these properties stay populated when I unbounce a contact. As a result, I can't accurately filter for contacts who are actively bounced. Since I can't accurately filter for this, this means I'm not able to accurately set a Marketing Contact Status for these contacts. 


Additionally, I don't seem to have a reliable way to mark bounced contacts as Non-Marketing which means I'll be billed for bounced contacts with a "Marketing Contact" status. This feels like a really important detail for the Marketing Contact account structure. Any advice? Is it possible to have this developed in the platform? 

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I have the same issue. I'm not able to have an updated bounced contacts list, because the "Email hard bounce reason" and "Number of bounces" fields don't get updated after we unbounce an email. I reached out to the support team and they said that this is a known issue, but they don't have a solution for this yet. This is really critical in our process to keep our contact database healthy and manage our lead scoring process.