Marketing Campaign Costs for Accurate ROI Calculation

I'd really like to record the costs of a Campaign so we get an accurate Return On Investment (ROI) Calculation.
Whilst some marketing campaign costs may be basic PPC costs, many are not.
Costs could come from trade shows (banners, stands, leaflets, hotels), outsourced work for design, sub-contract staff costs etc.
I'm not expecting HubSpot to create Purchase Orders, but just somewhere to type in costs & a way to report on Cost of Enquiry, Cost of Order & Overall ROI (Sales minus Costs) is a real must.
It's difficult to sell a high price-point marketing system if we can't report on the value we marketers/partners bring accurately.
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@andyb This is pretty much what we want to be able to do for our clients as well! Let's promote this idea in the Facebook HubSpot Agencies page and anywhere other HS users hang out! 




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Hi @SimonS, thanks & yes, good idea re FB Group.

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This is so important. I can't believe hubspot does NOT have this. Hubspot, when will this be ready?

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Would also really like this

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Would like this for our clents as well!

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Agreed, this is something I've been looking for as a tool for a long time now. Online and Offline Costs. It'd be great to upload pictures or examples of press ads etc too. So you can see everything associated with the campaign.