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It would be great to be able to set custom colors for tasks and content in the marketing calendar to help differentiate them. 

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Agreed. Would be good to be able customize colors for social channels, emails, events, etc. It would allow for the team to see any gaps we may have for the day/week.

Status updated to: In Beta
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Hi folks!


I'm happy to report this is now In Beta. With this beta, you can now set custom colors for each campaign represented on the calendar. This color will then be used to differentiate campaigns inside the campaigns app, inside drop-downs, and on the marketing calendar.


Thi beta is available to all users of Marketing Campaigns in Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise. Contact your CSM to learn more.



Joe Mayall

Status updated to: Delivered
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Hey folks! 


I'm happy to report this is Now Live. 


When creating a new campaign, you'll see a new setting to define the colour for that campaign. This colour will then be shown on the campaign app when listing each campaign. The real value, however, comes when we move over to the calendar. 


Now, every event on the calendar is white, and any asset or task that is connected to a campaign will have a strip on it's left matching the colour of that campaign.




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I agree! I would love to see more colors and customization within the calendar!