Marketing Access for Sales Professional Tools

As a marketer, to truly enable my sales team I need to be able to help them create great templates and snippets, set up their meeting links/types, etc. Currently, to access any of the sales tools and share things I create I need an actual paid Sales Pro license. There should really be a marketing version where you can create templates, sequences, tasks, etc. but not actually use them/use the Gmail functionality. 


When I create great content, a good way to get it in front of my sales team in a way that's easy for them to find and use is to create templates or snippets for them! If we're truly going to work together and be aligned - marketers need access to the sales tools from an admin perspective! 

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cduffy Regular Contributor | Diamond Partner | Certified Trainer
Regular Contributor | Diamond Partner | Certified Trainer

Yes!! 100 times yes!!

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+1 to this idea!  Much needed.