Markdown Support for Technical Bloggers

We would LOVE it if you could work on this.


Lack of Markdown support is our number one complaint by developers when writing technical blogs.

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Agreed, it would be awesome to have a Markdown option in the Blogger compose.

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My team's main issue with Hubspot is the formatting issues that arise when copy/pasting especially code samples from different sources. Right now we budget at least 30min per blog post to just handle the formatting issues. This is very expensive over time. With markdown support, this would make our lives much better. Thanks!

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+1 for me

Indeed as bgando said, copy pasting in code exaples is really bad at the moment.

Markdown support with versioning would even be more awesome.

So for example you could connect to a github/bitbucket repo where the markdown files are, and every time you push to there the page is also automatically updated.

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 The lack of support for markdown has caused us to want to abandon ship several times, hire an intern to do the formatting for us, or build our own tool to support it. This would greatly improve our ability to blog and quell the internal dissention about HubSpot as a tool. Please support markdown! Better yet, support an open wysiwyg editor that would allow us to write plugins... or allow us to use the wysiwyg editor of our choosing!


For reference, we really have considered forking and adding a "Save to HubSpot" option in the Save menu, which would post to the HubSpot API. It shouldn't be that difficult, but it would still be a band-aid solution to have a separate tool for managing posts. 

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Absolutely. Markdown Please!

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 I 100% agree with the comments above. Technical blogging is a huge part of our content strategy, and the lack of support for markdown is a big time suck.

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Markdown Makes Blogging Simple

The last thing you want to do when writing is to be spend an extra 20 minutes on a Sunday night to make sure there wasn't any weird copy and paste formatting issues.


Because let's be honest, Rich Text makes it way to easy to shoot yourself in the foot.


From the battle-scared marketing veteran, to the wet-behind-the-ears intern penning their first post — doing inline style tweaks should be an exception, not the rule — especially when a template's stylesheet should get you 95% of the way there.


Without Markdown, there's simply too much variability — leading to irritability (and I'm not talking about bowels here).


This is all to say Markdown is a great way to improve the inbound-marketing focus of Hubspot by making it even easier to create, edit, and publish content in a smart way, making for happier customers, and increased customer retention and stickiness due to great results.


Now, the world isn't going to end wihtout Markdown support. But it would be a product feature that would garner the praise from a strong group of people.


Let's make it happen🤘

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No one wants comic sans and markdown is beyond technical blogging at this point in 2019. With Ghost and other blogging platforms using markdown exclusively, it is a must at this point that anyone writing for the web should have some exposure to markdown. Even those marketing interns. Comeon Hubspot. Please make our lives easier and support markdown.

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