Mark dependencies/pages XX appears on as published/draft/archived

When viewing dependencies of something, it would be nice to have a bit more detail about whether or not the page that the thing appears on is a published page, draft page, or archived page.  This helps to know whether or not something is still used or not.  Currently, you have to view each dependent individually to figure it out.


When viewing a template in the Design Manager, I can go to Actions > Pages using this template to see where this template is used.  It would be useful if that list denoted those pages as Live/Published, or Draft, or Archived (currently only says "Published or scheduled" or "Draft" but Archived would also be a useful listing).


When viewing modules in the Design Manager, I can go to Actions > View dependents and see a listing of pages where this module is used.  These are actually separated by Template, Published, or Draft, but Archived would also be useful.


On the Forms listing page, one of the columns is "Appears on" which lists pages a form appears on.  If those pages could be denoted as published, draft, or archived, that would be useful.  Same thing with the CTAs listing page and the "Locations" column.


There are probably several other places that do this (File Manager), but I think you get the idea.

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