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Mark conversations as read / unread

The sales manager reassigns the owner of the incoming conversations to different persons, but once you click on a conversation it is marked as read (the green dot disappears).  In order to have some control of the conversations, it would be helpful to have a multiple selection and be able to mark all of them as read or unread.

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May 20, 2020 11:32 AM

Hi everyone,


I’m Vijay, the Product Manager for HubSpot’s Conversations Inbox tool. Thank you for taking the time to submit and upvote this idea. At this time there are no plans to work on this Idea as we are focused on building out the core functionality for Inbox.  This is not to say that this idea will never be developed, just that there are no plans to do so at this time.


Thank you for your patience and understanding. 



Vijay Vadlamani

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How is this not a Core feature? It's a basic requirement.


This is still a basic feature that hubspot seems to refuse to impliment or even consider for some reason. Functionally, it would not be hard to impliment and seems like a very basic feature for an email system to have. Don't particularly understand why this can't be done while the same copy and paste response of "there are no plans to work on this Idea as we are focused on building out the core functionality for Inbox" keeps being given, even though this seems like a pretty important "core functionality"as is always stated.


Here here!  This isn't a hard thing to implement.  Maybe the IT department needs to hire someone capable of doing this.  It's a very simple function and is posted about over and over again.  As we grow, it is something we revisit and look at if we would want to switch services.  At some point, this answer will be yes.  It's not something they can not do, it's something they refuse to do.  10 years ago, their program did this.


It seems a foolish oversight to disable your clients from being able to manage the status of their emails.  Functionality rules and considering email management is the service you are providing, I am surprise that such a basic feature remains neglected.  Please reconsider asap.


Yes, this is standard in every email client and other CRMs I have used. Please add this feature.


It's funny how this guy Vijay, the Product Manager for HubSpot’s Conversations Inbox tool, has been posting the same std copy & paste reply once a year to continue saying this request is not a priority. I see this pattern all over Hubspot. How much more core functionality can you add to the email client? It is an email client!!!! and all we wont is a read/unread toggle button. 
So much for customer orientation.


We also really need this basic feature to be able to mark a read chat to unread..since we have multiple agents working at the same and different times during the day.


Agree -- the ability to mark a conversation as read or UNREAD is critical to efficient workflow. Sad that this hasn't been dealt with yet when it was reported as early as 2018 (3 years ago).


This would be really helpful

A basic function of any mail system allows a user to mark an Email (or Conversation in the case of Hubspot) as Unread. 


Unbelievable that Hubspot Inbox misses out on such a core/must have functionality. As a member, I want to select an incoming sales or support request as unread, or give it a tag for example 'important' for my colleague to pickup. We migrated from Helpscout to Hubspot and already regret the decision on Inbox level, Helpscout was sooo much easier and better implemented and also 1K+ cheaper. There's no way of classifying incoming emails? Waaaaaat? 

To TSpooren: We share your frustration (we migrated from Outpost because
they were shutting down). A few workarounds we've come up with:
1. We sent a "Placeholder" email to our inbox that we NEVER close/delete.
Then sort incoming emails as oldest to newest. This way new emails aren't
automatically marked as read because they're not at the top of the list
when they come in.
2. When I read an email, it doesn't show it as read for anyone else, so I
can still assign it to someone else or just leave it for them to read/deal
with & it'll look unread to them until they click on it.
3. HS doesn't have tags/labels (unbelievable, I know), but we've created a
list of tags we commonly use & begin each one with an uncommon symbol (we
use ^) - so ^OrderProblems ^TaxExempt ^International etc. Then you can
search on ^ for all tags or on ^OrderProblems to just see items tagged that
way. (We could have used the #Snippet feature which would have automated
the tagging a bit, but we use that for other things so didn't want to mix
the two.)
4. If I have something I want to keep an eye on & not lose track of (we're
not using Tickets yet), I add a Comment (e.g., "Waiting on Customer", or
"check in on Wed 1/5") - it shows up on the list with an orange highlight.
(If someone replies to the email the comment no longer shows up on the
email list, but I can go to the email string, copy the comment text, &
create a new comment.)
Hope some of this is helpful, and also hope they take these comments to
heart and add some of the requested critical features!
Holly Urbanski

Like everyone else, I'm also very surprised that this isn't a feature yet after three years the idea has been brought up. Like TSpooren, we've also come from Helpscout to Hubspot. But the way of working in the helpscout inbox was so much easier en clearer.

Can you give another update on when to expect this feature to be implemented? It's such a basic and easy feature. It really doesn't require so much time to develop and implement this.


Yes please do this! I am the intern for my company so I go through the emails and assign them, but then they show up as "read"! It would be helpful if I could then label them as "unread" and it has caused a lot of confusion and frustrated customers when we're unaware that someone has been los in our system. Please please create an "unread" feature for our inbox!  


As other have stated - we need the feature to be able to mark conversation unread.


HubSpot is not unworkable without it but it makes the chances of a conversation getting lost a lot bigger. 


This is a critical feature in any inbox. To reduce frustration and increase efficiency you have to have a Read/Unread feature. Could be a deal breaker for many! 


Unbelievable that a CRM with so much unnecessary cruft manages to miss something that literally every email system has had since the 90's


Yeah definitely would use this and its the first thing I was looking for when I started using this feature! 2018, would be lovely to have this small feature implemented.


This is a highly needed feature for us. Please implement, is should be quick.


Upvoting this! We really need this basic feature. I can't believe Hubspot does not have it. 


This is insane. I see this conversation started in late 2018 and yet the Hubspot development team still has not pushed this feature. How the F does this CRM system not have such a crucial feature. It is 2022!!! I couldn't believe it so I opened a chat message with one of their team members.... Response: "Gotcha! As of right now, we don't have the ability to mark messages as unread. We do have a feature request for this here: but our product team is not currently planning on implementing it due to other features in the inbox taking priority" ... yall so behind still on this fundamental feature. I wish I never got our teams on this system and a paid account.