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Mark conversations as read / unread

The sales manager reassigns the owner of the incoming conversations to different persons, but once you click on a conversation it is marked as read (the green dot disappears).  In order to have some control of the conversations, it would be helpful to have a multiple selection and be able to mark all of them as read or unread.

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Adding on behalf of a customer- The abiliry to also pin messages if important would be useful.


I strongly agree that this NEEDS to be a feature available for marking emails as read/unread


Agree with everyone here, being able to mark an email or conversation as unread is absolutely essential in the efficient functioning of our day to day! Seems like such a basic email feature, it's surprising that it's not already there.


This is essential in our way of working and should be a default feature


We get a lot of sales- and support-related emails and I cannot believe that such an essential and important feature doesn't exist, along with adding tags for example..


As a sales user of Hubspot I would like to filter my emails on:
1. Read/Unread (now emails get read automatically when viewing them), I want to keep them unread to follow up next day. 
2. Important/not important by adding tags to conversations. Why isn't there an option to add custom tags? Such as Important/Not Important, Product X, etc. I know converting a conversation to a deal gives more options, but in our case we have 10 request and maybe 1 will convert into a deal. 

3. Display the tags on emails in the conversation overview, so it's easy to cherry-pick the most important conversations. 

We're coming from Helpscout but also used Zendesk in the past for incoming messages, you can learn a lot from these tools. Much more user friendly and better UX for handling conversations. 

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The original idea stated that one person assigns and it marks read, and then others work the conversation - the read/unread status of the inbox is per user, so if one person reads, it will still be unread for others on the team.

With that said, I came here looking for an option to mark unread - sometimes you need to see what the conversation is about so you can find the resources, but being able to mark it unread makes it easier to find and go back to, especially if you are interrupted by live chat, etc.

Ideally would be added here:





Yes, this is such a basic feature in any "Inbox" type of tool that I was stunned that it isn't in Converations. How hard can this be to accomplish? Isn't it just  flipping a column value on a database table from True to False and vice versa?

This is truly needed.


Very dissapointed to see that this simply feature has not been developed?!?


We just moved out whole service/support side to Hubspot and this is going to create many difficulties for our team.


Can't imagine any team using a shared email would not need this...


I dabbled using HubSpot in the past and because of this, I stopped using it. I thought I'd give it another shot. It takes me more time to get through my emails because then I have to go to my regular inbox and clear them out. This makes absolutely no sense. If I click Close conversation, that should mark it as read or archive it at the source. Trying to use hubspot for email management seems pointless and non efficient to me.  If I click Delete forever, even that still doen's mark as read or get rid of the source email.  That's just crazy to me. I'll stick with using Spike.


Yup, what Cassie said. Perhaps I'll take a look at Spike.


Does anyone have a workaround? I hate that HubSpot ignored a core request for 4 years and they probably will not work on it with absolute silence from their end. Do they still listen to customers? 

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this is not currently planned, and after trying the current Beta for the inbox, it is even harder to discern read from unread so I'm a little disappointed that not only does the capability not exist, but the new features will make it harder to analyze the inbox at a glance.

A few techniques we use:

1) I keep an old "placeholder" email in Unassigned (subject line: DON'T
DELETE This Placeholder Email - Leave in Unassigned") - this way if your
unassigned email is sorted by oldest to newest, the new ones that come in
won't be automatically marked as read even if the only other email in
unassigned is the placeholder.

2) We use Comments a LOT - since they show up in the listing as orange they
stand out. I might say "Waiting for customer reply" or tag a coworker
(@John Smith any thoughts on this?)

3) Since Hubspot doesn't have labels, my team has created a list of common
"tags" & enter those in a comment with a carrot in front: ^OrderProblems or

Yes - we're very frustrated with HubSpot's email service.
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@HUrbanski we use the comments a lot like you've outlined in 2, we like that the orange stands out, too. Heads up that the beta we tested yesterday changes this to a light muted yellow and it is not nearly as effective (we opted back out of the beta because of it). There are also other visual changes that make it much harder to use this technique also.


@Jnix284  hi, I'm a Product Manager at HubSpot! We heard and agreed with your feedback about the muted comment colors in the new preview cads, and I'm happy to share that we've reverted to deeper comment colors for better scannabilty. We are currently rolling out the update, so you should be seeing it soon (if not already). I appreciate your thoughtful feedback and hope this update solves some of your pains! 


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Thank you @smrtirahmat , that is really great to hear! We will opt back in to the beta to check it out! Is there a better place to leave feedback for this beta? Unlike other betas, we weren't being prompted with the feedback tool (the smiley faces).

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@smrtirahmat the comment color is a huge improvement, thank you!


This is really hard to explain without a screenshot, but blurring customer info would also make it difficult to show the issue.

One thing regarding the read/unread status:

  UNREAD Message READ Message
OLD inbox White Background, Bold Sender info, regular text below Grey Background, Regular Sender info, regular text below
NEW inbox (beta) White Background, Bold Sender Info, Bold Subject, regular text below Grey Background, Bold Sender Info, Bold Subject, regular text below


The problem with this is that now there are more icons within the box (email/chat/form, ticket, and reply) plus the extra line of text from the subject and everything is bold / competing for attention.

At a glance, if every single message is read, I can't tell what's what because everything has emphasis.

I'm a big fan of the changes with the symbols and the information at the top of the middle section of the inbox where the message is, but trying to discern what is read/unread is my biggest complaint. All of the text staying bold screams "unread" to me and the background color change is so subtle now that the box has more content.


As someone who spends the entire day using inbox, this is very difficult to adjust to looking at.


The update is not good @smrtirahmat 

100% agree with the comments of @Jnix284 . We use Inbox all day with the whole team and this is not what we expect of a product like Hubspot

Really appreciate your quick response.
But what we really need in addition is the ability to mark conversations as
This is a basic email function that HubSpot is lacking, and has been
requested by many users over several years. Please help us with this!

It is really strange there is still no option like this and the generic copy paste replies from support team seems to indicate that they do not care about customers. My company will consider moving to another solution as this is a very important functionality.