Mark contacts/companies/deals as private to restrict access to certain users


At the moment the access controls are quite limited, and entirely on the user side, rather than the content side. The only controls are whether a user can see their contacts, their team's contacts, or all contacts.


Sometimes you want a contact/company/deal to only be visible to certain people (e.g. their owner), and currently there is no way of doing that. You can utilise teams to make it so that all contacts assigned to a person or team are only visible to that person or team, but there is no way for this to be set on a per contact basis.


This feature would make it much easier to control access and improve security and compliance. When combined with email logging, it will also help avoid people seeing emails that they shouldn't.

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This is a feature that we would really appreciate. Some of our service users have confidential records which not everyone needs to see. In most organisations they call is a Retsricted Access marker whereby only those staff specified can access the contact file.


This is very important. We have two people who work with each client and only allowing visibility at the owner or team level is not of any use.

This makes it difficult to secure information that should be confidential. 

What is needed is to be able to allocate more than one "owner" to a contact, company or deal when on that contact, company or deal rather than at a global level. 

Secondary issue

When using the data base as a referral list we would like to have some companies visible to all but still have an "owner" and this isn't possible.


As an Enterprise client this is one of the most limiting and frustrating missed opportunities in HubSpot. The fact that you only have the four options (EverythingTeam onlyOwned only, and None) is incredibly frustrating and then you can only add someone to 5 teams makes it practically unusable by our Business Development teams. If I have a BDM who works in 7 markets and another who only works in 3 and they are on a team together then the person who only needs 3 will see everything from the BDM who has 7! That's ridiculous.


We would be happy to explain the use cases that would make this reasonable for HubSpot and would allow us to use the system more accurately.


Again I'd like to agree with this option. We have accounts that we do not want other parts of the business to see. We are under strict NDA's with some pharmaceutical clients and therefore it would be good to lock an accouint down to just the account team.


This would be hugely helpful to us. For the most part, we want all teams to see all contacts. However, we do have a contract with a small sub-set of clients so that those records need to be private. We cannot automate anything with those key constituents until this privacy feature is added. 


I've worked for several organizations where this feature was sorely needed. Please consider adding this feature!


I strongly suggest adding this as a feature as there is a huge need with organizations to implement this. We are unable to reach a large group of our audiences because this isn't available.


It would be very interesting !!!


I upgraded to Sales Hub Pro because I thought the Teams function would allow me to do this. Please add it! 🙂


Please update this request! We have sensitive Clients with NDA's in place that we can not share data to ANYONE in the company beside executive management. This makes it incredibly difficult. Even just a checkbox "Restricted Access to Owner Only" would work!