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Manually mark invoice as paid

We issues invoices from Hubspot with the option for clients to pay via our Stripe integration or through bank transfer. However when our clients choose to pay through the latter, we are not able to mark the invoice as paid manually. 


Being able to do so would be enormously helpful so we can confirm which invoices are paid and when, and still allow for this flexibility.

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+1 for this.
Without this the quote functaionality is useless.


If people pay through bank transferee for example, we cant mark as paid.
Idealy it would be updatabe through the API as well so a webhook from quickbookx/xero when the payment is recieved, can mark this as paid to keep in sync.


+100!! This quotes functionality is useless if we cannot manually change the status, and a bummer. Is it possible that a quote or deal-based workflow can automate marking a quote as paid (ie Deal moved to closed won --> update quote to 'paid' ??)


Facturama or Freshbooks would be great integration too for the invoice related to the quotes created and paid with bank transfer


We need the ability to manually mark an invoice as paid.

You can't handle cheques with Hubspot without this.

If they want to be "enterprise" (and I believe they do given we are on the enterprise pricing plan) - this feature is a must.

Most enterprise customers have to pay with cheques.


Its 10/10 needed.


This is critical. The quoting tool, and even sales reporting, is almost useless without the ability to move a quote from pending to paid. Only a small fraction of our customers use CCs - most large customers pay via check or wire.


Additionally, the ability to run a quote report is critical as well - I think the Quote View is the only one that can't be exported or run a report. 




We've run into problems a few times where the customer can't e-sign. Either because their system blocks access to the HubSpot link or the verification email gets lost in Junk and by the time they've found it the email has expired, customer then gets frustrated and says "Can't I just manually sign this and send it back to you".


We'd like the ability to be able to mark a Quote as complete when we get a manual signature, we can upload the signed doc into HubSpot against the Deal record.



This is a change that has to happen.

I have only just started really using quotes because of this restriction. The advantages of the Quote system are huge but not being able to manually (or via automation) change the status is starting to really grind my gears.


PLEASE get this fixed ASAP!!


I've instructed the company to stop using Stripe through Hubspot until this is fixed.  It's a major annoyance.


100% agree with this! We just have to this to continue using HubSpot payments/quotes and keeping books aligned with our clients who may pay an alternative way. 


Up vote from me on this!


I would upvote this 1000x - I also asked for this upgrade.

The quoting tool/ or rather reporting is worthless for us unless it happens - very few people pay via CC.


This is a must have for us as well. We operate primarily on a Buy Now, Pay Later model and it seems that it is really hard to get this details into Hubspot. An option to allow us to change the quote statuses would be a must have for any business who use payment methods that are not supported by Hubspot.


Wow! How is this considered a sales hub if there is no invoice mechanism to mark "paid" - Terrified to dive deep into the Hubspot system seeing this idea is still not considered / resolved / read by any official team members from Hubspot! 

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This is a must - everything works great with credit card, but Quotes/Invoices need to have the ability to be manually marked as paid.


How can this impossible to do in a modern sales system. Please add this functionality as soon as possible!