Manually Changing/Adding Time Zones for HubSpot Smart Send

My Goal: To send each one of my marketing emails to all of my contacts at 10AM in their respective time zones (to increase open rates). I'd like to do this using one email instead of duplicating it and sending out to different lists manually. So I am using the Smart Send feature. 


Challenge: Regarding HubSpot's Smart Send, the time zones it uses is not intuitive for the user. It's based off of the IP Timezone/address from HubSpot Insights and cannot be manually edited/changed.


This results in many of the users being "unknown" (half of all contacts in my case, likely because I import contacts from our sales team so there's no conversion tracked on HubSpot) - many others that do show a time zone show it from places we do not do business in.


I have entered different time zones in the default "Time Zone" field for both contacts and companies (i.e. "UTC-04:00", "Canada/Toronto", or just copying and pasting it from the options listed in Smart Send: "Eastern Time (UTC-04:00)") -  but Smart Send does NOT pick these up

Possible solutions? I think it would be very helpful to customers to be able to manually set time zones for Smart Send.


This can be as simple as allowing users to manually enter a time zone (i.e. UTC-05:00) into the time zone field for either Contacts and/or Companies that would be picked up by Smart Send <- this is key since I currently can enter time zones, but they do not affect Smart Send. 


Hoping this will be in development soon as I think many marketing professionals who do email marketing would find it very useful Man Happy

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To add to this, can the same functionality be adapted to allow a smart 'event date/time' to be added to the content of an email. This would allow us to create a scheduled event in our timezone time, add it as a 'personalisation token' and for it to show the contacts corresponing time in their timezone.


For this to work, the field would of course have to be updatable to ensure everyone has a timezone assigned.


Currently we have to manually update a field with the event time or create separate emails per timezone.

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Piggybacking off this - I imported my entire client contacts database form a different CRM, so of course we don't have all of their IP addresses stored already in HubSpot. What we do have, though, are cities/states/countries saved for every contact. It would be great if we could select to have an email sent at a specific time depending on each contact's IP address or saved location (city/state/etc.) data depending on which applies for each contact. With thousands of contacts, it can be a large undertaking to update every person's or even every company's timezone, so to have that choice would be incredibly helpful.

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Similar idea but for a nationwide sales team using HubSpot, HubSpot doesn't automatically convert the time zones bason the user's location, instead it relies on a centrally controlled time zone set on an admin level. Users then have to keep in mind that task reminders will not go off at the desired times and have to add/subtract the amount of hours to match their own time zone. 

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This is also something I'd like to see implemented. Same as everyone above, I have contacts for which I know the city and state, but were uploaded by the sales team as possible contacts. There are quite a few of them and of course, since we know city and state, we technically "know" the timezone, but these contacts have no IP recorded so Smart Send doesn't recognize them at all.


I realize that using the IP is the most automated way to do this with Smart Send, but I think it would also be helpful if Smart Send did a check of a TIMEZONE property manually set by us first and then a calculated from the city and state next before defaulting to IP.


This could be as simple as having a pulldown (with standardized values that match the ones HubSpot sets using IP now) for TIMEZONE that we can manually select. If that value is set, it overrides the timezone set by IP. This works better for several reasons. For instance, what if a contact is on a business trip and filled out our form from a west coast IP, but actually works in the East? 


The second check can be by city and state. We realize this is a bit more complicated and might take more time to implement, but could be very helpful in making the system "smarter."


The third check would be by IP.


As a final check, if all previous options are blank, then TIMEZONE is simply set to the sender's (our) TIMEZONE by default.


Thoughts? I think it might be simple enough to set a parameter for TIMEZONE we manually set first. I realize the city and state check would require a connection to a database to ensure accuracy so that might take more time. I assume this would either require the construction of an internal database or connection to a third party. 



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As a side thought, it's more important than ever to improve Smart Send now that you have the business card scanner in the mobile app. That might make checking by city and state a priority over a manually set TIMEZONE in fact, meaning you'd reverse the order of those checks in the scenario I described above.