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Mandatory properties on Deal STAGES get skipped when creating a deal

hubspot-we-need-your-vote-uncle-sam-300x200.pngIn a nutshell, required deal STAGE properties work great when moving EXISTING deals through deal stages. However, these required deal STAGE properties are ignored at deal creation time.


The separate functionality -- required deal CREATION properties -- work great at deal creation time. However these two separate features do not cooperate.


In other words, users can skip required deal STAGE properties by creating a deal and setting its stage beyond where required deal stage properties may occur.


Deal creation requires: Deal Amount*
Stage-1 requires: Deal Amount* and Deal Name*
Stage-2 requires: Deal Amount*, Deal Name*, and Deal Description*


Currently,  we can create a deal and set its stage to 'Stage-2' with only the Deal Amount being required -- because it's the only property required at deal creation time. (not good)

Use Case:
We create deals for prospects who meet with us after showing interest in our products/services.

In stage-1 (Exploratory Meeting), we name and value the deal by requiring a Deal Name and Deal Amount.

In stage-2 (Pre-Quote), we additionally require a Deal Description.
In stage-3 (Quote Sent), we additionally require a Quote Number.

Based on the current functionality, we can create a deal and set its stage to 'Stage-2' OR 'Stage-3' with only the Deal Amount being required -- because it's the only property required at deal creation time.

This issue was originally raised here (with screenshots), and only worsens as deal stages progressively require more engagement data.


Please vote for this functionality.

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I am surprised that this is even possible. This really should be a crucial thing to have in any CRM. I guess it's the same problem that exists with funnel reporting, which won't really work unless the sales reps go through every stage of the deal. This is nice in theory, but the reality is very different. Hopefully, this will be fixed soon. 


Conditional requirements at the property level (a huge miss by Hubspot) would also fix this, but they don't seem eager to implement this. 

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Hi there! Commenting on behalf of a customer. This is a much needed feature as it results in a lot of missing deal information without it!

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COmmenting on behalf of another customer - this is much needed!


Upvoted and commenting. In order to maintain our clean data and keep expectations consistent this is needed. I'm getting a lot of users that set a deal directly to the Won stage and bypass all the mandatory data that proves they've actually won the deal.

I don't feel that building a workflow that moves the deal stage backwards if data is missing is the appropriate idea, for my instance at least, because there are so many requried fields depending on the stage. With changing expectations the workflow would have to be updated too frequently.

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Waiting for this functionality too.


This is critical for our busniess