Mandatory properties on Deal STAGES get skipped when creating a deal

hubspot-we-need-your-vote-uncle-sam-300x200.pngIn a nutshell, required deal STAGE properties work great when moving EXISTING deals through deal stages. However, these required deal STAGE properties are ignored at deal creation time.


The separate functionality -- required deal CREATION properties -- work great at deal creation time. However these two separate features do not cooperate.


In other words, users can skip required deal STAGE properties by creating a deal and setting its stage beyond where required deal stage properties may occur.


Deal creation requires: Deal Amount*
Stage-1 requires: Deal Amount* and Deal Name*
Stage-2 requires: Deal Amount*, Deal Name*, and Deal Description*


Currently,  we can create a deal and set its stage to 'Stage-2' with only the Deal Amount being required -- because it's the only property required at deal creation time. (not good)

Use Case:
We create deals for prospects who meet with us after showing interest in our products/services.

In stage-1 (Exploratory Meeting), we name and value the deal by requiring a Deal Name and Deal Amount.

In stage-2 (Pre-Quote), we additionally require a Deal Description.
In stage-3 (Quote Sent), we additionally require a Quote Number.

Based on the current functionality, we can create a deal and set its stage to 'Stage-2' OR 'Stage-3' with only the Deal Amount being required -- because it's the only property required at deal creation time.

This issue was originally raised here (with screenshots), and only worsens as deal stages progressively require more engagement data.


Please vote for this functionality.

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HubSpot Employee

This would be a great functionality! It would be good to have tobe required to fill out the same requried properties when you created a deal (that is not in the first stage) as when you move deal stages. 

New Contributor

I think this will be very helpful since when people forget to create deals, they usually try to map it to the stage their discussion is actually at. And this messes up the entire flow since the required fields for that specific stage won't come up. Would be great if Hubspot launches this too!  

Occasional Contributor

This functionality would indeed be crucial for us in our current deal pipelines. When we create a deal in a certain deal stage, we need the exact same required fields as when we move a deal into that deal stage. Since you can create deals in any deal stage you want (doesn't necessarily follow the flow: step 1, step 2, step 3, etc. but you can add a deal immediately in step 3) this is required functionality. In our company, Hubspot synchronizes with our time registration and invoicing program, so it's super important that the correct fields are filled out in Hubspot to allow for this synchronization to work correctly.

New Contributor

This option is required as we have a reserve stage and under offer stage which means the deal can be started in under offer where we then need more data to be completed. Any help 

Regular Contributor

Upvoted ... we need this 🙂

Regular Contributor

This is also an issue for us, it seems like a rather obvious loophole. Required properties at certain deal stages are great as they help ensure a certain level of "completeness" on the deal as it moves through the pipeline, it's not so great if they can be easily bypassed.

New Contributor

Please add this.  Critical need.

New Contributor

Frankly I am even surprised that this does not exist.


We set mandatory fields at each stage of the deal so that we can expect that when it reaches say stage 4 of the pipeline, we automatically expect that mandatory fields of stage 1, 2, & 3 are filled out and existing at Stage 4.


Well obviously we can no longer expect that as someone can create a deal and put that directly in Stage 4 and all the mandatory fields we expect to see filled out by then may no longer be there if someone created a deal and put it directly in Stage 4.


There is a reason that we have mandatory fields at each stage -- to ensure that things have been done correctly and proper data captured. Well it looks like there is great workaround if sales folks don't want to fill all the details, just move it directly it end stages.


Also it seems to me that once you have deal pipeline stages, you should be able to enforce a requirement that a deal should move sequentially through all the stages right from point 1. Even that does not exist. Frankly, it seems a bit weird to me.