Mandatory GDPR cookies treatment.


   We are facing a lack of HubSpot regarding the cookies settings. The GDPR enforces all websites to notify to all visitors when their data are being stored, this process should be totally explicit for the users, as their data should be treated only when the user accepts cookies, meaning the cookies should be switched off by default, only turned on once accepted.


  We know Hubspot can erase their cookies but, however third party cookies are still being used on Hubspot's landing pages (creating these landing pages in Hubspot). Hence, how do we "switch off" the 3rd party cookies at Hubspot landing pages? This should be possible to do so from Hubspot itself. 


 Also, as many of you might know, many websites offer the possibility to accept or decline certain types of cookies, this is 100% UX, and Hubspot doesn't take this into account. 


  With this idea my suggestion is that Hubspot should offer the possibility to accept or decline which type of cookies the user accepts. And if this causes to many struggles, than Hubspot should be able to offer the possibility to decline all the cookies (including the 3rd party coookies).


  Please vote up!

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We have also hit this requirement today.  Our legal team have advised that due to changed ICO guidance in the UK, the Cookies popup etc on Hubspot isn't enough, so we're having to look into using a third party system like CookieBot.  It's a shame as it would seem like an easy win to incorporate this into Hubspot.  Hoping this gets voted up.