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Managing the visibility of property options


Hide specific property options from users (in the portal, and not only in the forms) and still be able to report on these options or select them in the workflows



we want to hide specific options to users from further use, as they are not relevant anymore. At the same time, we're not able to map them to any new/other options so we would like to 'archive' them but the records would still keep these old values.



the reporting filtering for a dropdown property allows for selecting only the currently available items and there is no option to select these deleted. Like a free text "contains" value.


Potential solutions

1. (optimal) add an option to hide an option from users (similarly to "In Forms" setting for an item)

2. set the options that should be currently used and available in the property settings. And in the report filters & workflow trigger options to have all options visible - the list of items that would consist of currently used and all unique that are currently set in any of the records

3. To give the option in the report filters to set a free text value for "contains" instead of a requirement to select from the shortlist

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This! A++ I have a request on ideas forum as well for the same.  3 years later our attended event list is insane and wastes so much time to scroll. Users still haven't realized how to "search"...

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Could not agree more. We need this feature ASAP!! Send Help. 


Indeed it is really very annoying. I am pretty sure that in the past it was posssible to delete a property option such that it could not be selected by CRM users anymore, but would still show up in historical reporting.


we really really really really really need this feature. we make updates to certain fields annually, and we can't keep creating new fields each year to remove the archived options, it's destroying our reporting.


This is super easy to do in Salesforce - you can activate and deactivate property values the same way you can disable property values for forms in Hubspot.


Just asked tech support if this feature was available and was told it was not and to elevate it here. Absolutely! Content becomes obsolete and no need for it to be displayed or run the risk of it being selected. Archive the old data and make it available for reporting/history but not displayed.


It is crazy that we can't hide options in drop down selections for properties!


We want people to stop selecting them, but need the historical records preserved. We try to delete and replace but sometimes that isn't possible. Creating new Properties every time is not viable.


Please help 🙂


This is becoming more and more of an issue as our business processes have changed over the past several years.  We need to maintain the historical data on deals and make it visible AND not allow selection of legacy values. 


One HubSpot support suggestion was to add "DO NOT USE" in front of a value....while this might work well for one or two values, it just clutters the dropdowns and then appears on historical reports - not a good way to present data to our users.


The toggle to include a value in forms or not is available for Contacts and Companies.  The reason why it is not available for Deals was explained by HubSpot support as the following - 


  • The "In forms" column is only for objects that can be added to forms (eg. contacts, companies). In addition, this only removes the options for forms, does not remove the options for the property when used within the platform. I definitely see how it's a useful feature, and will share the feedback with my team on this.

It is not clear to me why HubSpot pages are not considered "forms" and allow us to do the same!!


Yes, this would be useful. We use properties for product listings. We discontinue product from time to time but do not want to lose the historical data. 


Good idea !
I will follow this topic. 
Thank you



This would be really useful. We are in the process of changing how Deals are categorised but we will need to retain historical data....