Managing company changes for a contact

One customer would like to keep the previous history of a contact in their old company, but move the new history to the new company, when the associated company is changed.

Currently, the solution is to create a new contact and pin a note to their timeline, linking to the old contact.

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Really important improve to keep the history into the old company and not pay double for the same contact.

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Hey @lsirac thank you for posting! Please can you encourage your customer (and any others who are interested in this idea) to vote for the request. This allows product management teams to identify who the request is coming from, and also enables customers to subscribe to updates on this thread. 

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Hello, is there any news about this idea? 

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People move around and leave companies. As a new conctact with their new company they are still the same person. Merging these two contacts is no good:

 When a person leaves a company I'd like to make sure that the person remains with that previous company and associated timelines while still being able to tag him/her in the new company as that same person with the previous company. As in merge I don't want all timeline coning over as it´s likely not at all the same info, deal, dialoge etc. as he/she is now with a new company!

as per merge:
"Timeline activity for both contact records will be preserved in the new record"

I'd like a tag or someway to :
1) Show that the person has left the old company, say a large red X over the profile
2) Connect old "dead" with new by way of a - "dead" contactinfo as "same person, now working at" tag or such.

I have had this in other CRMs and it makes life a lot easier, particularly since people do move around!



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It’s unfortunate that most CRM systems don’t have a use case for a contact that moves on to a new company and do not provide any support in their functionality for this event. Most contacts will move on sooner or later and that event needs to be considered and solutions need to be provided. So far I have not seen anything satisfactory.

Double contacts? Deleting contacts?  References in notes? Losing historical data? Really?

Please create an action to add multiple companies to a contact, with a timeline, similar to what you can see in LinkedIn, and a way to retire contacts from past companies when they are no longer valid. People are in multiple companies at the same time, have multiple email addresses and phone numbers, and we need to be able to track emails, meetings, notes, tasks, and deals based on each of those contact/company relationship and preserve them over time.

There is obviously much more to it that needs to be hashed out, but that is what a good product team is for. Please let me know when there is any movement on this. Thomas.