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Manage voicemails in HubSpot

Hello HubSpot community!
We're excited to offer phone numbers and inbound calling and we know handling voicemails is a big part of inbound calling. 

Please use this post to let us know how important voicemails are to you and we'll keep you updated on our progress.


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Voicemails are def crucial, especially in large campaigns, where it is hard to keep track of activities, just like we want to track replies to emails, we also want to track replies to phone calls!


Inbound calling on both desktop and mobile would be amazing. Even though Hubspot seems more user friendly, we are looking to go for a solution with Microsoft Dynamics and Teams calling as there doesnt seem to be any other suitable option on the maket right now.


Would also really benefit from voicemails. My non-profit is solely focused on receiving form submissions or inbound calls from community members who have a direct need, questions, or support request. Thus, voicemails are crucial! We'd love to swtich from th third party platform of RingCentral to HubSpot's calling feature, but we need a voicemail capability. 


This is great, we need to be able to customize the voice mails. I have no interest in receiving live calls but it would be amazing if they could leave a customized voice mail and my staff could get back to them at the right time.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi HubSpot Community!


We are currently exploring this idea to add a voicemail feature. Please continue to add feedback in the meantime.



Thank you!


Good idea!