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We would love to have the ability to select the timezone for the workflow when setting it.

Some context here: we send email campaigns out targetting customers from different countries.

We send those emails around 9:00AM. HubSpot assumes that the timezone is the Portal timezone. But 9:00AM Central Time is not the same time in Australia Time.

Then, as a workaround we have to do some math in order to get the emails to go out at the correct time depending on the country.

That should be something we can select and HubSpot must calculate automatically for us... Super simple solution we have already seen (and used) in other providers.


Thanks in advance!


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This is important for users that create contacts via API. If the IP timezone cannot be edited and used then it makes for a very tedious workflow. 

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The new funtionality is now live to all customers. In order to time workflow actions respective to contact timezones, use the new Delay until a day or time delay, select a time, and enable the contact timezone option. While the Delay until a day or time delay is available in all workflows, the timezone option is specific to contact workflows.


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HubSpot delivers again! Thank you to @MeganLegge, the product team, and all the users who pushed for this feature.