Manage Workflows Timezone

We would love to have the ability to select the timezone for the workflow when setting it.

Some context here: we send email campaigns out targetting customers from different countries.

We send those emails around 9:00AM. HubSpot assumes that the timezone is the Portal timezone. But 9:00AM Central Time is not the same time in Australia Time.

Then, as a workaround we have to do some math in order to get the emails to go out at the correct time depending on the country.

That should be something we can select and HubSpot must calculate automatically for us... Super simple solution we have already seen (and used) in other providers.


Thanks in advance!


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In other systems, it's possible to set the send time on the Send Email step inside of a workflow - that way, the individual steps can be configured to send at the best possible time for each email. It would be beneficial to have that functionality in HubSpot as well.

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I second this idea!!

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Please do this.

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Yes we need this feature at our company too.

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it's crazy that this option is not available yet - come on Hubspot!!!


Amen. This needs to happen.

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This is crucial for our company as well! We are beginning ABM campaigns and have a large international presence -- without the ability to send based on time zones in workflows, we have to fall back on one off, manual sends. This approach does not scale as our company grows; HubSpot ,in this case, has not grown with us. 

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This would be a key feature for global companies who execute in multiple regions.


Currently, I am unable to send emails on the Mon-Fri setting of a workflow to Asia because our account is set to EST time. 

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Completely agree with @PaulStaite -- we have a global team on one account. Our account timezone is US Pacific Time -- but teams operating in Europe and Asia need workflow email functionality as well; instead of having one global workflow that can send emails based on local timezone (like the email editor can), we have to use regional workflows each set at a different time. This duplication costs time and resources to maintain.

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Beyond needed! Please consider, HubSpot.