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We would love to have the ability to select the timezone for the workflow when setting it.

Some context here: we send email campaigns out targetting customers from different countries.

We send those emails around 9:00AM. HubSpot assumes that the timezone is the Portal timezone. But 9:00AM Central Time is not the same time in Australia Time.

Then, as a workaround we have to do some math in order to get the emails to go out at the correct time depending on the country.

That should be something we can select and HubSpot must calculate automatically for us... Super simple solution we have already seen (and used) in other providers.


Thanks in advance!


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This is a great idea! We struggle with the different time zones. Not only with workflows, but also e-mails. 


 Great submission Mauricio,


Having used a number of different platforms, there is an easier solution to simply setting an entire workflow timezone - instead, you set when an email should trigger, eg 7pm, but it sends depending on contact timezone. Not HubSpot or workflow timezone. 


Just opened a ticket upon this exact thing


I see in the workflow settings that it can be set to execute 7 days a week or 5 days a week and between certain hours but our contacts are global while these time settings are only available in my timezone. Automated emails sent through workflows should be smart sent according to recipient time zone.


We have the same problem.


For now, we use the workaround that we have a property if the contact is in US or EU. Then we have two workflows, one triggered in a time zone that makes sense for EU, the other for the US.


But if this gets fixed, it would be great!


Similar to what is available as a one-off email send by contact time zone, would be great to have this capability expand into WFs for those of us sending globally.

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OMG YAS! I also opened a ticket on this, then found this. We're base in AUS but have clients globally and we use Inbound Adons to send SMS to contacts, BUT we want to send them an SMS a few hours before a specifi date property, but the workflow will do it based on the time here in AUS not where the contact is! Definitley need to see workflow timezone feature!! #voteitup


Yes! Weird that this is in one off email campaigns but not workflows, any update Hubspot?


Totally agree. I first set up a series of standalone emails with smart sending, since we have clients in at least 9 time zones. However, I wanted the if/then functionality of workflows to link the emails together in a certain way, so I built a workflow, switched the emails to automation, and then added them to the workflow. On Sunday about 5 hours before the first email to all our clients was to be sent, I suddenly realized I had never seen a smart option on the workflow. !! It was tough to get my colleague who had taken over the process to change everything back to the standalone email format on such short notice on the weekend, just so we could make sure the emails were sent at the right time of day. We do not want to look like those cheap spammers who send messages at 2am. We need to send at the time of day with the highest response rates. Having sending times (and workflow Delays) that are specific to recipients' timezones seems like a pretty basic function for anyone who is going to use workflows for serious email campaigns, no? Until that's in place, there should be a warning message on all workflows with emails whose recipient list draws on several timezones.


Same issue here, they suggest me to create a workflow per country, sure is an easier way.


There is a similar request with more up votes at


Please could you view and upvote please?


I second this idea! This is essential especially for companies who have a lot of international customers. 

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It would be great if we could have an action in workflows to execute the automated emails based on recipient timezone. 


In other systems, it's possible to set the send time on the Send Email step inside of a workflow - that way, the individual steps can be configured to send at the best possible time for each email. It would be beneficial to have that functionality in HubSpot as well.


I second this idea!!


Please do this.


Yes we need this feature at our company too.


it's crazy that this option is not available yet - come on Hubspot!!!


Amen. This needs to happen.


This is crucial for our company as well! We are beginning ABM campaigns and have a large international presence -- without the ability to send based on time zones in workflows, we have to fall back on one off, manual sends. This approach does not scale as our company grows; HubSpot ,in this case, has not grown with us.