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Manage Payment Notifications at the User/Company level

We've recently enabled Hubspot Payments on our account. It's been brought to our attention that every time payment has been received all members of our team receive notifications about it.


There should be a way for an organization to pick and choose who's meant to receive these notifications vs the current option, which is to ask each user to go in and individually check off those notifications.

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Yes, I have this same issue.

Everyone that is a SuperAdmin in my HubSpot agency portal receives a notification each time an invoice is paid, which is not what I want.    HubSpot support tells me that there is not a global control for this, and each user needs to modify their individual notification settings.  


There needs to be a way to control this globally across all portal users.  

HubSpot Employee

Hi, I am Shilpa Khetan, a senior PM on the Payments team in HubSpot. Thanks for submitting this idea. 

We are making some improvements to the default configuration of Payment notification in the coming weeks & this should be resolved. 


I need to STRONGLY agree with this 'idea'. I'm a little surprised that Hubspot has implemented Payments without any sensible notifications. 

Our reps are sending quotes and have gotten a couple of payments. Each time the customer has paid, our rep has reached out trying to follow up having no idea that the payment has been completed. Accounting cannot help because they cannot see the payments either. 

We have only two options: Have a designated super-admin who forwards payment emails to accounting and the rep (after spending a minute loading 10 pages to get through to find the rep on the quote that was paid), or just skip Hubspot payments and roll-back to the Stripe Integration. 

For those seeing this looking for help/answers:


When a customer pays your quote via Hubspot Payments, ALL Hubspot account Super Admins get the notifications (which can be turned off individually). The deal owner, nor accounting contacts get notifications, unless they were set up as super admins.

The email that sends tells you you got a payment from <email address> and has a button to the payment. Four clicks and page loads later until you can get to the rep that should have been notified to let them know it's there. 

Accounting cannot see the payments section to reconcile without a super-admin exporting the payments from the module.