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Manage Apps - See which users have installed an App from Marketplace

It's important for an Super Admin to manage the Apps that are being integrated with HubSpot and have a list with these apps and see which users have them installed. 


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I see this has been suggested from 2020...This is a feature that is really needed so we can drill down who installed what and who is actually using them. 

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I have the same request. For large enterprise portals with global teams and users that can install 3rd party apps across the company, after a while it's not clear who installed what and if it's still being used. Some integrations show which user installed it but most of them don't. 


Any updates on this feature request? We have encountered several tracking and logging issues with the Chrome Sales Extension tool. This would reduce the amount of back and forth to see who actually install this add-on and others down the line. Thanks!


This is really needed, I have no idea who installed what app - making it hard to clean up those not in use. Would also like to be able to restrict who can install/uninstall what apps.