Making the address footer optional for countries with different CAN-SPAM

Some countries like France have laws that make the unsubscribe link mandatory, but not the physical address of the company.

For those countries, it would be nice to be able to remove the physical address of the company in newsletters and some kinds of automated workflows.

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We have the same problem in Belgium. We don't have States. It would be great to make it not mandatory.

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I'm creating an email that is going out to a list of contacts sent by a third-party to opted-in members in the US. As I can't remove the unsubscribe link, there are now two unsubscribe links in the email (one from them and one from us). Having the ability to remove ours would be ideal. 

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Would just like to upvote this feature to make company address optional in the footer as it isn't mandatory in France.

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This is not just for countries where this is permitted, it's also needed for communication with customers on non-marketing subjects. The legal basis is legitimate interest for the execution of a contract. There should be no unsubscribe available to them for that.