Making the SEO Topic Cluster page more intuitive

Hey team,


Looking at the Topic Cluster page of our SEO tool, it seems like there are some improvements that can be made to make it a better user experience! Smiley Happy




1. Allow users to save their searches 

It seems like users are not able to save their searches and this can be a feature that can help enhance their experience with HubSpot's SEO tool. By being able to save their searches, they can always go back to it and refer to which are the highest volume of monthly searches and decide on the topics to add.


2. Have the select option as a checkbox instead of a radio button

This will allow for users to bulk save their topics instead of entering and selecting them one by one


3. Make the Create Topic button at the top right hand corner where most of our 'Save' buttons are

This can be slightly less intuitive as it may not be obvious to some users who are used to our usual Save buttons