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Making saved sections editable in the CMS

Hello all,

It's great that you can save sections in the CMS and emailing tool and then use them again on other pages/mailings. However, it would be even better if you could edit these areas afterwards and they would update themselves automatically in all built-in places.
A good example is a logo slider with customer logos. I have distributed this on the website seven times. Now I have to remove one logo and add five new logos. Of course, I can do that and then save it again (under a different name) and go back to all the places where I put it and place it again. But that is very cumbersome.
So dear Hubspot team, please programme us a function that makes saved elements editable. Thank you very much.




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Would be a great help for us

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This would require the saved section to be dynamic across all of the pages, but not all customers used saved sections in this way (many use it as a building block to quickly build sections and swap content across pages).


I think having an easy to create and edit global module would be superior to saved sections as it already has the functionality to edit the content globally, it just isn't easy for a non-developer to create one.