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Making contacts private

It's crazy to me that Hubspot doesn't have the option to make a contact or deal private. Hubspot has provided about four different workaround solutions but nothing that actually accomplishes this. With enterprise you can make certain properties private, but that doesn't account for confidential notes on a contact or deal record. 


The current and best workaround appears to be to restructure my entire organization so that only certain teams have certain access to certain contacts and then make the contact owner a certain individual. This doesn't really work as a solution since certain individuals are on more than one team. 


Hubspot, PLEASE PLEASE allow us to make objects private to certain teams instead of having to restructure our entire permissions set. 

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I agree. The ability to grant access to certain contacts based on the "contact owner" is helpful, but doesn't satisfy the need for private conversations depending on the user and contact. There are many contacts that we want all users to see and communicate with, but in some occasions, need the ability for one user to have private conversations. 


@AAyers88 and @Setherson7 please upvote this idea, as it has more upvotes and is identical to this request 🙂