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Make the right Sidebar in contacts/companies/deals editable globally

Associations sidebar Or the right sidebar in the contacts record should be editable on a team level so a company can edit the positioning of the associated records in companies/contacts etc, for everyone or a selected team. Currently, each user would need to drag and drop to adjust the position of associated records like deals or companies. 

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Great idea! Wish we could see the lead status of each contact from the company level, at least.


I'd also like to be able to remove modules or add in different modules from the right sidebar at the global level. Similar to how the left sidebar functions. Right now the right side bar is filled with empty modules that our team doesn't have a need for and it's a waste of prime real estate. 


Need this feature to help our various teams see only the information they need to perform their jobs.


April of 2022, people still waits for this feature and it's a bit odd to not be able to edit right sidebar despite the left side is editable wholely.