Make the "save" button on the page editor things.

Screen Shot 2018-10-16 at 15.12.34.pngI stumbled across something really strange on the page editor the other day. A co-worker had gone in to make some edits to the page, but felt it wasn't ready to update to staging, so they just hit "save" and left. They came back a few days later and couldn't find what they had saved. 

"No problem" I said. "We'll just check the revisions window". 

And we did. And his changes weren't there. 

I asked a few questions and he mentioned that he hadn't clicked "Update to staging", but just "save". After a quick call to support, I find out that clicking "save" doesn't really save things. 

Instead of seeing a snapshot on the revisions screen, we get nothing. It turns out that selecting "save" just kind of does nothing. It's the same as auto-save. Which is to say, it will stay there, hopefully, unless someone else changes it, or opens it at the same time. It's hard to say. We can only see changes that have been "saved", not changes that were made and then had the "save" button selected.

So basically, if I want something to truly save, I have to publish it. Otherwise, there's merely a draft that doesn't get added to revisions and can't be reliably retrieved. 

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