Make the file manager even remotely usable by adding critical columns


You have a "file manager" that basically only allows listing files in a table, that you cannot even manipulate. The column are predefined and seriously lacking. This "file manager" is totally useless for "management" of files, when you have hundreds to thousands of files spanning over a time period of years. 

Let us consider some "basic" and very important features that are missing:

1. Column for whether the file IS IN USE

-- This is the basic requirement we should have about any file. If the file is not in use, it can be deleted. If it is in use, we need to know where. Yeah, you can individually open each file to know this, which is totally useless with thousands of files...

2. Column that shows where the file is in use

-- It is vital to know, if the file is in use in an active webpage, or if is maybe used in an old landing page that is 301 redirected. 

3) Column that shows WHO created the file. Very important to be able to filter/sort by this data


And after this data can be seen in the columns, you of course need to:

- Be able to list more than 30 files at a time (cap at 500 if necessary)

- Be able to then select all (from the filtered view) and perform batch action of move/delete


Now, what is also very much needed, is an automatic folder that gathers any and all files that are created in the system WITHOUT placement in a folder. What de-facto happens is that users "create files" to the file manager by copy/pasting images to - lets say service desk pages, website pages and landing pages. These copy-pasted images all get sent to the file-manager root, which means that when you have multiple people perfoming this, you end up with thousands of "lost" files in your file manager, that have no "home" in the carefully designed folder tree you have built for yourself. If these files were placed in a default container within the file-manager, it would be easy to periodicly shift trough it and perform file management, which means moving them to proper folder. 

Now, for "real" file management, the next step would be to have "tags" or similiar to the files, which would mean the ability to perform "matrix" type management with folders + tags. I am not even asking for this. 

Where am I? I have 900 files in the file manager root. I need to individually open each file to know if the file is in use, then individially move each file to a proper folder or delete it. Only to know, that I will need to forever be doing this in the future as well, because of lacking basic funtionality in the "file manager".



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I support all of these recommendations. Our HubSpot account has multiple business lines and the file manager is impossible to manage.  I want to easily see if the file is being used and where it is being used. I want to see who created the file. I want to see more than 10 files on a page. 


The file manager is miserable. Please make our lives easier.