Make the URL tracker for seeing how much revenue is made from Email Marketing Free!


Hi Hubspot,

It would be really great if you made being able to see how much revenue is made from an EDM part of your free offering. It's a very powerful tool for B2C businesses like us, and I spoke to one of your employees about it - they mentioned it would be done through implementing a URL tracker, but it's a shame that is only a part of your marketing pro package, which is out of our company's budget.

Being able to show not only high engagement through clicks and opens but actual revenue value from our EDM campaigns would be very useful. 

I'm sure there are others who would agree with me on this! It's free on Mailchimp as an add-on to WooCommerce (we use Wordpress for our website), but I would prefer to use your marketing email platform so it would be great if this is added.

Hopefully you'll look to do this!


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Status updated to: Not Currently Planned
HubSpot Product Team

Hi @willjulius, appreciate you taking the time to reach out with your feedback! I have some good, and some bad news here. This is indeed something that we're planning on introducing but it's unlikely that it will be available as part of the free tier of the marketing platform, but over time this may change and it may be available in the lower tiers. As we get closer to releasing a feature like this, you'll likely see more info from us on it, and hopefully you might see the value of it along side the Professional/Enterprise tier. I hope this helps!