HubSpot Ideas


Make search for domain smarter

I am often searching our Hubspot by domain name to find out if the company is in our database already or not. If they are not, I may want to add them. 


I'd assume this is a somewhat common use case, but the experience is clunky.


First, the search results offered by Hubspot find matches for "www" and ".com". Well, that doesn't help at all!!

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 11.21.11 AM.png

Second, there's a button to create the company at the very bottom of the page, which is helpful. But:

  • Clicking this button brings up the Companies page, and then opens the "create new company" pane, which takes 2-4 seconds, sometimes a little longer
    I mean, this is 2021, where's my instant everything? 🙂
  • This button always places my search, in this case a domain name, in as the company name in the create company pane. Would be lovely if Hubspot would realize it's a domain name and enter it into the domain field.