Make reporting on parent and child teams possible

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As recently raised with the HubSpot support the current structure of teams in HubSpot makes it nearly impossible to report on parent and child teams.


Let me give you a quick example of what that means.


Given you have a parent team, let's say "Whole Company".

Given you have multiple parent teams, let's say "Squad 1" to "Squad N".

Given all companies, contacts and deals need to have an owner (as in one person).


If you now want to do any kind of reporting or workflows, HubSpot will always only have a 1:1 connection between an entitiy and a team.

This means you can not build one reporting for the "whole company" and one for each squad, as the company, contact or deal will always be "owned" by just one team.


What I suggest is that the "team" property be either a multi-select option or is herited from the owner property (If a person belongs to both the "whole company" and "squad 1", so will the companies, contacts and deals that are owned by him/her).


What do you think?




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This is a must needed feature in reporting, otherwise the hierarchical teams just don't make any sense.