Make "Salesforce owner phone number" a personalization token


"Make ""Salesforce Owner Phone Number"" a default personalization token just like ""Owner Name"" and ""Owner Email"".

Currently the Salesforce properties for Lead Owner Name and Lead Owner Email are automatically pulled into HubSpot properties for email customization, however there is no default option for Lead Owner Phone Number. And because HubSpot does not support sync with formula fields in Salesforce, I had to resort to a kludgy workaround where I created a custom text field in Salesforce and added a workflow to stamp the Lead Owner's phone number as a value in that field."

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Even just having a HubSpot Owner phone number property would be awesome!

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HubSpot Owner phone number as a personalised token is definitely something that's missing and would be much appreciated. At the moment I set up really nicely personalised emails, and then have to put the office number in there instead of a personal one! 


@roisinkirby any thoughts on why this hasn't been implemented? There is a space in user profile to put telephone number so not sure why that can't be pulled through like signature, name, email etc?


Definitely needed!  HubSpot CS made a great suggestion and I am building a workaround using workflows, but it would be so much easier if I could just put in a token for the HubSpot Owner's mobile phone.  All our reps are on the road most of the time, so calling the office number is no use.  


Custom fields for employees would be perfect. It is very limited at this moment.


I agree with this request. We are wanting to encourage relationship with assigned staff and our hubspot contacts and the inability to include personalized phone numbers in automated emails is problematic. Thanks  for suggesting this, @_Kevin!


This would be great to have. I wonder if it's not showing up because we (personally) don't use HubSpot as our CRM though? Does anyone else use HubSpot CRM and have the ability to include the owner phone number?


Even using HubSpot CRM you don't have the ability to use the owner's phone number as a personalization token. You can use first name, last name, and email. But not phone #.

It would be MOST helpful if we could.


Owner's phone number as a token is increadibly simple and obviously needed. We need this option in our shifting relationship with clients pivoting to remote communicaiton in the age of COVID-19. Please add!


I can't believe this is not a functiionality in HubSpot! Surely it's not that difficult to include this property as a token?