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Make legend colors consistent across reports in dashboards


  • I create a dashboard
  • I add multiple reports to the dashboard
  • In each report, there are consistent properties; for example, company names are consistent across reports
  • Theseproperties are represented as different colors in different reports on the same dashboard; for example, "Company A" may be blue in one report and orange in another report
  • This makes it hard to understand what's happening for a given property across multiple reports

Suggested resolution:

  • When multiple reports on a dashboard share the same property, color this property consistently across reports
3 Replies
Regular Contributor

Absolutely! I face this problem with source colors. In Traffic Analytics New Contacts Email marketin is sort of pink. On the Marketing Dashboard Sessions by Source, it is teal (blue). In New Deals by Deal Type, it's pink again. In Closed Revenue by Source, it's teal! Consistency on this point would be so helpful.

Regular Contributor

I agree completely. I have a report showing new Leads by CRM on a pie chart. One CRM is orange, for example. Next to that I have another pie chart showing Active Deals, and on that chart the same CRM is blue, and a different CRM is orange.


Garnering information from this page is like trying comlete one of those cognitive psychology tests where you have to say the color that a word is written in, not the word itself.

Regular Contributor

Exactly! The Stroop effect! Odd bit of trivia...I know Dr. Stroop's son! My son was doing a project on the Stroop effect, and Fred let him borrow the original study his dad did. Nothing like holding scientific research in your hands!