Make it possible to disable Slack integration bot ("/hs-search") while keeping notifications


HubSpot's Slack integration comprises notification features as well as an integration bot. The latter offers the "/hs-search" command to surface contact information in Slack, for example.

The idea here is to add an option to disable the integration bot, so that "/hs-search" is not available in Slack, but HubSpot Slack notifications continue to work as normal.

The purpose of this idea is address concerns with data protection. Being able to surface contact information from Slack might make it harder to check or audit who accessed customer data, or to execute GDPR delete requests.

My understanding is that the "/hs-search" functionality will always be available on public Slack channels ( ), and it doesn't seem like there are any settings on the Slack side to exclude the bot or anything like that ( ). So right now there is no way to disable the "/hs-search" bot while retaining the notification functionality. The idea here is to make it possible.

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Would be very usefull. That's why we don't use the direct integration. So, we are forced to use Zapier at this point.