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Make full form submission data available in activity feed and via API (some data missing)

Dear HubSpot product teams, 

in the course of trying to extract all form submission data via API to another system for analysis/reporting purposes, I noticed that certain data on form submissions is missing from the form submission details in the contact's activity feed and also not accessible via the GET Form submissions API endpoint

  • subscription type(s) (-> has contact subscribed via this form or not), possibly incl. consent text as it can be individual to form
  • consent for processing incl. respective text that was used in form as it can vary
  • legal basis for processing (I'm fairly sure this used to be part of the form submission details in the activity feed)

It would be tremendously helpful to see this in the form submission details in the contact's activity log, so it is clearly visible at one glance if the contact subscribed via this particular form to subscription type xy.

Even more important is the ability to pull this data via API as part of the GET submissions for a form API call (GET /form-integrations/v1/submissions/forms/:form_guid). It is afterall data directly submitted via the form.



Currently, if you need this information per form submission in other systems for reporting purposes it takes a lot of work and API calls to get this information.


Relevant for: all users, especially teams working with activity logs and superadmins who need to transfer data to oter systems