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Make folder view the default view with workflows

We really like the new folder view but it's always a hassle that it's not the default view. Once you create folders and sort your workflows there is hardly any reason to use the list view and the users have to manually go back to the folder view every time, even when you go back from a workflow inside a folder. In our humble opinion those are unnecessary clicks.

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I agree - the chaotic ordering of the default list view is irritating. And now the process of creating new folders is just weird.


The display would be infinitely better if there was an "add column" option to show the folder in which a given workflow is located.


I don't like the update of the folder function in Workflows.

The old version worked much better.


In the new version:

  • It is very annoying that the back function isn't working. You always go back to the complete list and start selecting the folder again.
  • I don't understand why it isn't possible to filter on the Folder. That should help the problem getting fixed.
  • I fund it strange that the functionality of this page is so much different from other pages (like Companies, Contacts, etc.). Keep the same interface!
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I fully agree with all of you: @LRosenberger@Stopper@SteveHTM 


'Folders' must be possible as the default for Workflows. The views may be useful for some specific areas, but that is not how we work with workflows. Each group is organized in a folder so your are only one click away from the list without having to make custom views.

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I'm acknowledging here a signiifcnt fix to the view options - the potential to add the folder of a workflow into the column of a view. This seems to have been slipped in silently at some point, but helps a lot!

I do think this folder column should be included in the default "All workflows" view, but at least it is progress!


I really like the folders for lists, workflows etc. The thing is: they are much better than the current default view. It would be an improvement to make the folder view default everywhere, and to make the list view optional, because the latter tends to get messy very fast.

So +1 on this idea! 🙂


I agree, the default view doesn't help the team keep our workflows organised properly and promotes chaos!