Make emails sent from Mobile App Logged same way as from a computer


Right now, an email sent from the mobile app only gets logged under a contact. If that same email is sent from a computer it will automatically get associated with the correct contact, company, AND deal. 


This means that right now any email from the mobile app will not show up under a deal unless it is manually re-adjusted. I'm not sure if this was intended or not, but it seems strange that the mobile app has this limitation and doesn't run through the same protocol. 


It would be great for this to be consistent so we  don't end up miscommunicating with new deals as they come in if someone is able to quickly respond from their phone.

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Our sales staff works numerous deals, and primarily uses the mobile app. They need to be able to log an email in the app to multiple contacts, deals, and companies as we can in Gmail using the extension.