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Make double-opt-in text editable

The double-opt-in text can only be changed from version Prof. In Germany, we differentiate between "SIE" and "DU" when addressing them. SIE is more formal. SIE-customers will be addressed with the last name.
For this reason it is important that the text can be edited in the double opt-in (from the free version).

投稿者 | Platinum Partner

i agree! not only for german customer this is crucial.

A simple system mail like the opt-in request mail should always be editable like in all the other tools (mailchimp, act-on etc..).  This feature has an impact on clickrates which is especially important for doi mails as this is where marketing for all contacts starts. Even in Starter one can only edit the subject line and insert a token that cant be used for formal salutations. 


I support this idea. I constantly receive emails from customers that reply to that automated email, confirming that their email address is correct instead of just clicking the link in the email. I have also received feedback from clients that the wording in the email doesn't clarify that they are opting in for marketing communications, which is the main purpose of this email. 


Thank you


ガイド役 | Platinum Partner

This is absolutely crucial for us. hubSpot should not offer a DOI feature at all if the email content can not be adjusted. It renders the feature useless for some customers. Please make this email editable, even with basic rich text input.