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Make deal association cards respect user visibility

Currently, if a user has visibility on a Contact or Company but does NOT have visibility on some of their specific deals, they can still see the deal in the Contact or Company's associated deals card.  


This is a huge data security gap for HubSpot users that track confidential deals that cannot be shared with all users. An example use case is that nonprofits using HubSpot might not want the details of staff or board giving to be visible to all users. 

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Really need this for organizations who have confidential deals in their system!

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YES! Two big upvote thumbs up. 




So, this has been implemented now, much to my chagrin 🙁. My company actually relied on the ability to show limited deal information on a deal association card even though a user didn't have access to the full deal record.


I posted a new idea that HubSpot should create a new permission setting that would allow admins to configure permissions for displaying association cards independent of the permission to view the full object record. I'd appreciate it if you'd give an up-vote to my suggestion.