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Make all HubSpot default date stamp fields actual Date Fields so rolling dates work

Weird that this isn't the case. HubSpot support clarified that some default fields are date-fields that allow rolling date criteria in lists and workflows, but some are not. For some reason. It'd be great if rolling dates can work in ALL HubSpot default fields, such as the date stamp fields in Deal properties.

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Ditto - per my comment on a similar post:

(and not only for HubSpot defaults, but I also find custom date fields where this isn't an option)


I'm truly surprised there aren't more upvotes and comments on this suggestion. 

SO much of the automation is dependent on being able to do rolling ranges as we're able to do in the Sales Contacts view - both per the example above:

  • "this / last  - week/month/quarter/year" etc.

But also - 

  • "is between" (i.e. 30 and 90 days, not between static date selections)
  • and "is more than"
  • and "is less than"

...are critically needed, both in list building and in worflows!!


and to make it more confusing, there seem to be some properties where, at least for workflows, it DOES allow relative date date selection, yet other date properties that don't.


When trying to re-engage for a contact who's been inactive for a few months, or tons of other use cases that I won't dig in to here, having to manually re-set dates vs the ability to do a relative date is a major limitation to really utilizing the potential power of HubSpot. 

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Agreed.  need this.